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A Christian (and singer) since 1970 and a pastor since 1993, Rev. John Whisnant's life has been devoted to the Kingdom. From the ripe age of 7, John knew he had a calling on his life to minister to others. It began when he joined his family on the road with their singing ministry, The Whisnants, and remained with them for over 25 years. He travelled first locally, and then nationally until 1993.

In 1993, God had a different plan for his life. After much deliberation (mainly an argument between himself and God), John answered the call to preach and a year later he took the torch from his Grandfather, Rev. Harris, and began pastoring the New Perspective Community Church (previously Grandview Baptist) in Morganton, NC, and has been there for over 23 years. 

But God didn't stop there - he knew that John had more to offer the world. In 1994, John and his family was given the opportunity to own and operate WCIS AM 760. This radio station has been on the air for over 23 years, and is still going strong. John hosts the morning show everyday, and loves every minute of it. Over the years, John has won several awards for his work as a DJ including the Singing News Fan Award for Favorite Small Market DJ!

When John is not ministering to others, he spends time with his family. He has been married to a lovely, Godly woman named Suzi for over 28 years. Together, they have two children, Caleb & Elizabeth (Lizzie). Caleb (27) is a graduate of Gardner-Webb University, and is married to his sweet wife Taylor. Lizzie (24) a graduate of Appalachian State University with a degree in Communication & Advertising, and is working on her graduate degree in Library Science from NCCU. All of his family is very active at NPCC, and he couldn't be more proud of them. He's also incredibly proud of the ministry that his brother and his family carry on through the legacy of The Whisnants. While he no longer travels with them, John will always be a prayer warrior for them as they travel and minister. 

Because of his obligations to his church and the radio station, John has turned down many offers to sing and perform - but once again, God has another plan. As of spring 2017, John will begin ministering through song once again, and will be accepting dates outside of his church. He will continue to pastor and lead WCIS in addition to this ministry - God has given him the calling, and he has the full support of his family and church family. 

If you are interesting in booking John for singing or preaching for a revival, concert, or other engagement, please click here! His authentic love for both Christ and people shine through at every opportunity - at every turn, John makes sure that the name of Jesus is High and Lifted Up and the Word of Christ is spoken.

"I want Jesus to use me to bring people to Christ through my ministry.

That's my only goal in this life."

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